Things That I Hate

People Who Say They Have “a Facebook”

Facebook is the name of the website. Each member’s page on Facebook is not referred to as that person’s Facebook, but their Facebook page. Similarly, someone could properly say that they have a Facebook account. This also applies to MySpace, for what few people still use that site.

I also hate people who call Wikipedia “Wiki”. Wikipedia is a wiki, but there are thousands of other wikis on the internet. It’s not a term unique to Wikipedia. Pretty much any website with interlinkable pages editable by users is a wiki.

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  1. That’s just like Blu-Ray discs. People insist on calling them Blu-Rays, when the Blu-Ray is actually the laser that reads the information, not the disc itself. The disc is a Blu-Ray disc, or BRD. But it has become so common place to call a Blu-Ray disc a Blu-Ray that no one realizes or cares that it is wrong.

    • by Ohm
    • 27 April 2011, 9:57 PM

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