Things That I Hate

The Socratic Method is Broken

I hate teachers who teach using a pseudo Socratic method and just sit idle while waiting for answers to questions. The students don’t gain anything from waiting, the teacher does not make a point… Essentially all the reasons I’ve attended the class have dissipated like so much heat. The teacher could at least call on someone or stop asking questions of the student body who obviously haven’t read the material and don’t know it. A teacher who cannot vary their method of delivery is a poor teacher at best.

As a teacher, if you want to assess understanding of a topic, issue a quiz. The Socratic method only works in situations where the student wants to learn. High school students and low-level college students typically don’t.

Unfortunately, the class that irks me the worst is my senior capstone in English composition at a state university. It’s a 500 level course with 8 people. No one ever answers questions but me and only when the room has been silent for a while.

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