Things That I Hate

People Who Can’t Admit Things

Yeah, I’m a hypocrite. But I can admit that. Yeah, I’m selfish. But I can admit that. Stop telling me what I already know and start admitting things about yourself! It’s human nature to be selfish and hypocritical.

I’ll ask my friend to get me something or do something for me, because I’m selfish. Now, when she asks me to do something for her and I say no, suddenly I’m being more selfish than her? Why won’t you admit that you are being selfish? And don’t tell me that I’m a hypocrite for complaining, because I already know!

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  1. “It’s human nature” is not on its own a justification for something, especially when it’s not even particularly true. I’m going to agree with you on selfishness, though not what most people think of as selfish. I’m a proponent of rights respecting self interest. That is, I primarily look out for my own interest, but I don’t violate someone else’s rights in an attempt to better myself. Sort of a golden rule type thing. Regarding hypocrisy, however, there is no justification for it. Admitting you’re hypocritical and continuing to be does not make it okay. As soon as you realize you’re being hypocritical, you should try to correct it, not get angry at someone else for pointing it out. And you should correct it for selfish reasons, not for the person who pointed it out.

    • by Jonathan
    • 23 August 2010, 9:16 AM

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