Things That I Hate

Little Cousins

Two of my little cousins, who are three and five years younger than me, are always bugging me whenever I see them. I like them and all, but can’t they realize I’m older and more mature then they are? Why can’t they let me sit and talk to the adults and listen to their funny stories and stuff? It’s worse when they come to my house for an event. If my iPod Touch or laptop is sitting out, they pick them up and ask if they can and use them, when they have no idea how. They need to realize how expensive these things are. One time, I was on my laptop and I had to let them watch a Hannah Montana video on YouTube. (They think that I still like her.) Then the youngest one kept pressing buttons on the keyboard even when I told her not to, and she pressed delete and deleted something important. She’s lucky that I got it back. My point is, they need to realize that I need space. If they really want to play with me, I would prefer something that I could show them or teach them.

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