Things That I Hate

“We aren’t painting your room that color!”

You started painting the bathroom with a color you found in the garage. My room was the first room painted in the house and it’s been the same color for seven years, and I want to change it. But no, I can’t, because you don’t want to pay for the paint and don’t like any of the colors I pick. I want my room painted black, but my mom says, “No! We will never paint it that color!” Then I picked a dark purple but once again, no! The only colors in our house are a boring tan, a gray and cranberry dining room, a blue bathroom, three blue bedrooms, a really dark purple in my sister’s room, a gray bathroom, and a babyish purple in my room. Come on! Let me paint my room the way I want it! Stop using neutral tones and pick an actual color!

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