Things That I Hate

Underaged Kids and Alchohol

I am completely against alcohol, drugs and non-emotional sex. My “friends” are the opposite. They got my boyfriend interested in such things and now they want me to join in also. And we are only fourteen. Why do they want to do that? They believe it’s a “great way to have fun” and they are saying I can’t have fun. Well, I’m sorry that I prefer to be clean instead of a drug addict.

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  1. Just politely decline to do those things. If your friends can’t respect that, they aren’t really your friends.

    • by Andrew
    • 9 September 2010, 6:43 PM
  2. Those kids have already done just enough drugs that they are killing their brain cells. You lose 10,000 brain cells every time you decide to use drugs. You must have plenty of brain cells in your head if you are smart enough to always say “no”. I always have said no and wouldn’t even think of using drugs. If you put that out there enough, they will stay away from you because you become someone dangerous to them because you might tell on them, or someone they have to make excuses to.

    Why they are so stupid? No matter what the excuse is, it isn’t good enough to need drugs for. Even though I have never tried anything out there, I am now 44 and have seen its effects on my step-grandkids. They are now separated due to the fact my step-daughter thinks its so okay to smoke pot and everything else she is doing, including meth. She has lost her family, and has just about lost her life too. She is trying to start over at 25, trying to find a job and keep it to pay bills, and trying to stay clean so someday she can have her two beautiful children back in her life.

    She was a wonderful kid growing up, whom I would never dreamed would be stupid enough to even try drugs, let alone continue to use and abuse them to this degree. She has been clean for five months so far. Otherwise she gets to spend about ten years, for starters, in prison if she messes up another time.

    If that’s not enough reasons to say “no”, I don’t know what is. It only leads to bad things! Stay smart, please, it is so much easier!œ

    • by Shelly
    • 13 September 2010, 7:58 AM
  3. Shelly: I’m pretty sure deciding to take drugs does not cause one to lose 10,000 brain cells. It’s the actual act of taking drugs that causes damage.

    Additionally, we have over 100 billion brain cells (neurons) and over 1 trillion support cells for those neurons. Assuming the claim of 10,000 brain cells per day is correct, that loss every day for 100 years would only result in only 0.00365% loss of total brain cells. And that’s ignoring the fact that brain cells die normally on their own and are regrown regularly.

    Of course, I agree that drugs are generally bad and should be avoided (legitimate medical marijuana usage is an exception) but I just wanted to put your claim in perspective and show that it’s a flawed criticism of drugs. There are much better, factual approaches.

    • by Jonathan
    • 19 February 2011, 10:41 AM

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