Things That I Hate

People Not Taking Responsibility for Their Own Actions

I hate when people are convinced that when something bad happens to them, it’s my fault.

I constantly get blamed for various things around the house, by my friends, etc. I’m a responsible person, considering my age—they’re the ones who go and screw things up.

Just the other day my friend’s cell phone went through the wash but because I didn’t tell her that it was in her pocket when she put her clothes in the washing machine, she said that it was my fault. Uh, no. She’s the one who clearly wasn’t responsible enough to own something like a cell phone if she’s going to put it through the wash. She’s the one who put it in her pocket then put the jeans through the wash, not me.

The number of people who do sort of thing this shocks me. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Seriously.

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