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I Hate when My Neighbors Whine About My Dog

I hate it when my neighbors start freaking out because my dog is on a leash. Okay, one of them got bit by him in the past.

But now he’s on a leash, in my yard, tied to my porch. It only extends to about halfway through my yard. He’s only out there for a few minutes and he cant get near them without them trespassing. But whenever he’s on his leash, they freak out and want me to put him back inside. Yes, he barks. That’s all he can do to you at a distance. Listen, you guys are outside, making noises all day. It’s not like I can just keep him inside and get your permission every time I need to let him outside.

As long as you stay out of my yard and don’t tease my dog like you usually do (yes, I know you throw rocks and pretend to bark at him) he won’t do anything to you. It’s not my fault you went into my yard.

You should be scared of him, he’s a guard dog, but its not my fault you feel the need to walk through my yard. Don’t be lazy, the road is like two feet away. It’s not your yard. It’s legal for me to let him run loose, the animal lady said so. So you’re lucky I don’t accidentally forget to put him on his chain and let him run loose. You’d be sorry for all those times you threw rocks at him.

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