Things That I Hate

Girls Who Lead Guys on and then Act Surprised when the Guys Fall for Them

Don’t get all starry-eyed when we’re together and then expect me to understand that you just want to be friends. Don’t tell me “I love you” and expect me to somehow magically understand that to you, those three words mean “I’m your friend.” Don’t give me nicknames and call me “boy” and “darling” and expect me to somehow know that you don’t want anything more than friendship. Don’t use me because I’m a good listener and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and then toss me away when I need somebody to listen to me. Don’t snuggle up to me every time we meet for months, and then suddenly not want any contact anymore and get all uptight when I wonder why. Don’t act like this problem will go away if we ignore it, because it won’t. I love you, but I hate how you’re surprised that I do.

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