Things That I Hate

Babysitting Brats

Just because your mom pays me to entertain you while she’s busy doesn’t mean I’m your personal maid. You spilled it, you clean it up. I’ll help you, but when you say “clean it up”, it doesn’t mean I’ll follow your orders.

Secondly, when I am building things with legos, it doesn’t mean you can come and take over my Lego house and order me around.

Thirdly, when we’re playing monopoly, you aren’t gonna get much respect if you try to make a trade with me and I say no then you say, “You’re gonna trade me it!” I’m not your slave!

Fourthly, when you decide to get a drink, it’s not very polite to not offer me one or say, “You want a Coke? There’s none left.”

Fifthly, its not very funny when you act rudely and ask me if it’s funny. Especially if you’re pointing out your rude behaviour or so called “funniness” to me. I babysit polite kids, but you are not polite! Unfortunately, I have no choice, you’re the only one I am paid to watch!

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