Things That I Hate

My Dominatrix Roommate

Snap decisions can get you into sticky situations, as I have recently found out. If you’re reading the title, hoping for some perverted sex theme, then I hate to disappoint you. I’m talking strictly about the old school Latin meaning of the word. To begin, I guess I was riding the euphoric wave of graduation when I agreed to sign a lease with one of the least friendly people I’ve ever met.

Sure, we got along initially, but most of our conversation was limited to in-class discussions about… well, class. We’d meet up with some of my other friends occasionally to watch anime. Contact was minimal and I, blissfully ignorant, merely thought her high-strung temper was a result of our stressful curriculum.

One of the first occasions that struck me was when two of my closest friends, girls I have known for almost ten years, offered to bring me the sequel to a great book they had recommended. I happily agreed and eagerly awaited the new book. My brand new roommate, who I have only known for barely two years, glared up from her computer and demanded “They’re not going to stay, are they?!” In an instant my jovial mood was crushed underfoot. Disbelief was my initial reaction. Did she really said that? Then, why would she say that? These friends of mine were the most meek, polite pair I’d ever met!

I’ll admit to you, dear reader, righteous anger was quick to follow. How dare she take such a belligerent attitude with my dearest friends! Their biggest fault is shyness, for heaven’s sake! I said nothing of these feelings to my roommate, half-heartedly giving her the benefit of the doubt. However, no change in perspective of that happening could ease the turmoil I felt. I had realized my mistake, yet calming words from friends and family persuaded me to be patient.

The next unmistakable clue reared its ugly head when I spent the weekend with my fiancé. I came back to my apartment and was greeted by a scowling roommate. “I had thought”, she said angrily, “that we would do something this weekend! Instead, I was left sitting here, while you were out with…” Now, reader, I had not made any plans with her at all for that weekend. In addition to that I hadn’t seen my fiancé for three months! I’ll also tell you that she has her own car and is perfectly capable of going out and doing something under her own power.

Skipping ahead a bit will be useful, but be assured that similar things happened in the meantime. Most of these things were centered on her belief that as roommates we had to do all of our errands and spend most of our free time together. I’m a very independent person by nature, so her insistence irritated me no end.

Now, a few weeks ago we (I, my fiancé, his brother, and my old dorm mate) agreed to play D&D with my new roommate as the Dungeon Master. This was her first time as a DM, but she had been playing with her dad since she was small. She allowed us a total of seven characters. We began playing and then everyone came under her hateful power. Any Non-Player Characters we came across were always angry and sarcastic to a fault. They all possessed an uncanny omniscience about the motivations, whether real or imagined, of our own characters. The consistent nagging of all the NPCs and the DM of the Rogue (my fiancé) had my blood boiling. He was a Rogue! He’s supposed to pickpocket! That logic made just too much common sense, though, because the DM threatened, in all seriousness, lightning bolts and invincible guards that would somehow magically appear anytime the Rogue tried to steal in a town despite his meticulous spot checks.

My fiancé’s brother also quickly got on her bad side. The DM had said that this game was using D&D 3.5 rules and regulations. Imagine our surprise, dear reader, when my soon to be brother-in-law looked up rules and spells in the rulebook only for the DM to angrily tell him that “no, I’m not allowing it!”

I will admit that some of the things found in the rulebook would have forced her to play a slightly more restricted role. A few sessions later, she openly insisted that no one try to look up rules in the books or online anymore. A desperate attempt to remove that which threatened her power? Possibly.

Another one of her ridiculous stipulations on our pitiful little group was that we have to play for at least 6–7 hours at a time. According to her, it’s “not good game play” otherwise. Now, reader, I’m a happily engaged young girl with several other friends and many ideas for drawings and fiction to take up my time. (Not to mention that I bought a gym membership so I can fit into my wedding dress.) I have a full life. I mentioned that it might be good idea to halve her original game time and… let’s just say, she became angry.

The stress of these sessions has resulted in a sore jaw from clenching my teeth at night and recently I began to bite the inside of my mouth and have developed a few ulcers. I confided in my fiancé and his brother and they agreed to quit the game. They then cited their own reasons for wanting to leave. Apparently, neither of them were too impressed with my roommate’s performance either, preferring instead the less restrictive computer version of the game.

So now we stand on the cusp, so to speak. The decision has been made by three of us to leave the game. We have yet to tell the DM. I only hope my life doesn’t become a living hell because of this.

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  1. That was long.

    • by E
    • 25 September 2010, 4:00 PM
  2. That seems like a very bothersome situation you have stumbled upon. Some people seem to not be able to handle things that most of us can. Maybe you should lay out some strict personal boundaries. From what I have read (your vocabulary is beautiful by the way) she seems like the headmost. I’m truly sorry and hope that the issue is resolved and you can enjoy life.

    • by Charles
    • 1 October 2010, 11:21 AM

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