Things That I Hate

People Who Walk Slowly When You’re Behind Them

Example 1: You’re walking with a meal tray in your hands and just want to get back to your table to eat your well deserved, nutritious and delicious sustenance when all of a sudden, you nearly collide with the bloke ahead of you due to the conflicting velocities, since they are moving as if they are examining an ant’s path across the floor. The aisles are too small to get around them, and you can’t ask them to move faster because that’s just rude. The least they could do is have the slightest self awareness that they are in fact delaying you, and pick up their speed. However, they are generally too incompetent to come to this realization.

Example 2: You’re in an already crowded hallway trying to rush to a class, a meeting, or whatever, and there is a couple ahead of you holding hands and completely blocking your and anyone else’s path. Are both of them so engrossed in their puppy love to notice that they’re being complete idiots to you and everyone behind them while said persons are getting all the more angry with them? It’s understandable to want to display your affection for one another, but do it somewhere a little less interruptive.

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