Things That I Hate

Rich Girls

Most of my family is rich and really nice. I live in a average house. These stupid rich girls always come to my house and say “Why is your house so small?” then they go off and tell everybody. I only have two friends. I use to have lots of friends and the best boyfriend ever and I used to be really popular… now people don’t notice me. Guys won’t even look at me. They ruined my life. They were mad ’cause I had bigger boobs than they did.

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  1. So, the rich girls were snobs because they made fun of your smaller house to other people, presumably your former friends and possibly your boyfriend too, causing them to avoid/dump you? If that’s true, you’re better off without those kinds of people in your life.

    You used to have lots of friends? You used to be popular? Guys won’t even look at you? You sound like you have low self esteem and aren’t doing anything about it. Relax, make some new, better friends?

    • by Neil
    • 3 October 2010, 2:28 PM
  2. Neil, how exactly is her observation of the behavior of others evidence of a low self esteem? There is nothing in her post to support that theory. The only accurate observation you made is that she needs better friends.

    • by Michael
    • 4 October 2010, 9:39 AM

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