Things That I Hate

Drivers Who Are Too Proud to Get Out of the Passing Lane

It’s called the passing lane for a reason. For passing. Why do people have such a sense of pride, or accomplishment, by holding up numerous motorists behind them? No one likes traffic, and people like these are the primary reason for it. By staying in the fast lane, you do not “win”. Get over it. There is no trophy for you, and no one will think you’re the savior of society by forcing everyone to do the speed limit.

I’m sure no one likes having their rear end ridden on the highway, so why not just move over? You go to the right, I keep moving, as other people behind me are able to keep moving as well. It’s a very simple concept. One way or the other, I will pass you, so why not just make the highway work like it is supposed to?

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