Things That I Hate

Old People That Complain About Guys’ Pants

Don’t you hate it when old people are always yelling at guys to pull up their pants? We know what a belt is, it’s just “in” to sag right now. What if we went to your generation and screamed at you everyday to pull down your pants?

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  1. Old people aren’t the only ones to recognize how stupid it is to let your pants hang below your butt. It may be in, but it’s still moronic.

    • by Bronzelike
    • 19 October 2010, 3:13 PM
  2. No one cares if it’s “in” or popular to have saggy pants. The rest of the population just doesn’t want to see you waddling down the street, like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, with your underwear hanging out and your pants by your ankles. Please pull up your pants, no one wants to see your underwear.

    • by Pull ’Em Up
    • 19 October 2010, 4:55 PM
  3. You know, I could always come up behind you and pull your pants down even more, but then they might just come off. We can see how “in” that is. But then I might be arrested for assault and you might be arrested for public indecency. It would still be worth it though.

    • by No Knickers
    • 21 October 2010, 8:41 AM

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