Things That I Hate

“Good” Drivers

I see a lot of bad drivers on the road, and it’s getting worse. I can’t go ten miles down the freeway without at least one car next to me wanting to temporarily share my lane while they do everything else but drive.

But it’s not them that I hate. It’s that they think they’re good drivers. Everybody thinks of themself as a good driver, so how does that account for what I’m dodging out there?

I carpooled to a function with somebody recently who was talking on their phone and swerving. They got honked at for swerving, yet made sure to tell whoever was on the other end of the phone that it was “just some a**hole”. Protecting yourself makes you an a**hole in today’s world.

A few more miles down the road, somebody texts the driver during the call, so the driver switches over and starts replying with a chuckle. We almost hit a guard-rail, and would have if I hadn’t yelled “Hey!” That got a “whoops, sorry.”

What happened next exemplifies what I hate… We get to the function and one of the hosts who answered the door says “so glad you made it”, to which I sarcastically said “barely” while looking at the driver.

The driver gets offended and says “Hey be nice, I’m a great driver!”

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