Things That I Hate

Unfair Treatment of Lost Pets

If people find a lost dog or cat they usually make some kind of effort to find the rightful owner. When people find a lost bird they usually don’t think twice about just keeping it. Birds are just as much a part of the families they live with as a dog or cat. Live with a bird a while and you will see that they have personalities too. So don’t use “they don’t care like a dog” as an excuse.

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  1. I think the problem is that there really is no way of telling whether or not a bird is a pet or not. I guess if it’s friendly around people that would be an indicator. Also, they probably don’t want to go back to sitting in a cage all day. They’re happy with their new found freedom. If you lose a bird, don’t expect to find it. They can travel very far, very fast and might never come back.

    • by Co-hater
    • 1 November 2010, 4:36 PM

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