Things That I Hate


I hate the term SUV. It’s not wholly irrational hate. I hate it for a few very specific reasons.

What is an SUV?

Sport Utility Vehicle.

“Sport” because it handles somewhat like every other car on the road.

“Utility” because they often have large interior capacities, load beds or extra seats.

“Vehicle” because, well… you get around in it.

In these days of Global Warming Climate Change, the term SUV has come to mean a planet killing, black smoke belching, overweight behemoth used to ferry a single person to the supermarket for more beer and jerky.

But the reality is often different. Sure, you might see a single occupant in one of these cars from time to time. It happens. But do you make a note of the times you see them with a full compliment of passengers? Dogs in the rear? Tools and supplies in the load bed? Towing a boat or a horse box?

“Oh sure!” I hear you cry. “Those people use their cars! It’s those other people I’m talking about!”

See, cherry picking the incidents where it’s okay to hate someone for the car they drive… just makes you look like an idiot. Are you boycotting the airline industry? I doubt it. Boycotting bus companies? Bet your backside you’re not.”

So why is it okay to bash a single mode of transport?

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