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Adult Life Skewered by Parents

So… how is it that a 19-year-old gets their phone taken away because their mother doesn’t want them talking to certain people? How is it that, even though the 19-year-old isn’t the stereotype of 19-year-olds, they still get punished? I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I barely hang with friends. I go to school, come home, and that’s it. I’m supposed to just sit here and let you run my world? Yeah, okay, you’re my parent. And? That’s not a legitimate excuse for anything. I’m leaving your house whether you want me to or not. Let me be me and don’t take my stuff, because it just makes me want to leave all the more so I can grow up and be an adult. Maybe I’m just touchy because you’ve taken opportunities from me. Maybe I’m just bitter because you took my phone. Keep it. I’ll get my own plan and my own place and will just avoid talking to you.

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  1. A common misconception among teenagers is that once they turn 18, they get all the freedoms of an adult with the same privileges granted from their parents. After the age of 18, your parents are not required to support you (house, car, food, phone) and anything they or even you bought for you before you turned 18 is legally their property. Do what your parents say and you get to keep all of those things!

    • by Andrew
    • 10 December 2010, 8:49 AM
  2. Maybe the nineteen-year-old should pay their own cell phone bill. Problem solved.

    • by Lara
    • 16 December 2010, 3:53 PM

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