Things That I Hate

When You’re Talking To An Acquaintance at a Party and They Just Won’t Shut Up

“Hi! Haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?

“Oh, me? I’m good. You know, classes are hard and I’m nervous about graduating, but what can you do, right?

“Um… sure, let’s see your scar.

“Oh my god! What did you do to yourself?

“Ooh, that sounds rough. But the rest of the trip was fun, I’m sure. Listen, I’ll be right bac—

“Oh, um, we broke up a few weeks ago, actually.

“Yeah, it sucks. Hey, listen, can we continue in a few min—

“Ah. Yeah, that’s good advice. I didn’t think of it like that before.”

I totally thought of that, like, the moment we broke up.

“Yeah. Hey, I’m gonna use the bathr—

“Tell me about your cats, sure.”

We had one class together freshman year. I hate you.

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