Things That I Hate

When People Bash Things They Don’t Consider Sports

I hate when people say dance and gymnastics and cheerleading are not sports. Dance takes so much strength. I know this because I am a dancer and gymnast and a cheerleader. Dance is so much harder than you think. Go watch a dance competition. Gymnastics is something that takes athleticism and flexibility. So all the people that play “real sports” must be able to do this, right, since they think it’s not a sport? And cheerleading: one saying is “athletes lift weights, cheerleaders throw, catch and lift people.” When people bash these extremely difficult sports they should at least keep it to themselves. Because it can offend some people. And until you try it, don’t say it’s not a sport.

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  1. I hate this too, ’cause people always say that horseback riding isn’t a real sport—but it is! Let me see you try and jump over three foot jumps or stay on while a horse is bucking and rearing.

    Yeah, I bet you couldn’t even stay on while the horse canters.

    It takes a lot of muscle and skill to learn how to ride, and it’s much harder than it looks. So please, don’t knock it until you try it.

    • by Jessie
    • 27 January 2011, 11:00 AM

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