Things That I Hate

Weird Families

Our family has a sledding party every year. This year we invited another family with four kids. They came with three sleds, two of which were inner tubes.

The two boys kept asking everyone if they weighed less than 120 lbs (the recommended weight limit), then taking their inner tubes away from anyone who said no, even if they were only 10 lbs heavier. One boy threatened that they’d have to buy them a new one if they popped it.

Later, when they finally realized that their inner tubes would be okay, everyone started using them to jump off a huge ramp. The one boy, who had his 4G iPod Touch with him, kept showing it off. He put it in his pocket, them started sledding again.

All of a sudden he started freaking out because he said he lost his iPod in the snow. Everyone asked him to check in his snow pants, to which he responded with a provoked, “I ALREADY checked EVERYWHERE on my body and I DON’T have it!” So we all spent the rest of the party looking for it in the snow. The boy’s sister was looking with me and we were saying, “Why on earth would he bring his iPod to go sledding?” Then the other boy started screaming in my face “Stop, just STOP! He can bring whatever he WANTS! It’s his fault if he lost it but he can bring it if he WANTS to!” I was a little disturbed by his outburst, but kept looking for the iPod anyway.

The family ended up leaving with a crying child and everyone else miffed, which made all our other guests upset. About half an hour later we got a call from the family saying they’d found the iPod in the snow pants, where it had been the entire time…

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