Things That I Hate

People Who Post on Things That I Hate

I mean, why do people think we really care what they hate? Let’s take a look at some of the submissions…

“People Who Whine Nonstop”. Dude, you’re whining right there!

“Chuck Norris”. Are you serious? Yeah, I guess you are, you give valid (albeit stupid) reasons for hating the CHUCK, so I guess you are serious…ly nuts.

“This is My Pot Pie”. So you have a cat, and hate when it hovers over your plate… get a life! Either get rid of the cat if it bothers you so much, or put up with it! Don’t tell us about it!

“People Who Walk Slowly”. Honestly man, if you’re in that much of a hurry, I have just the thing for you… IT’S CALLED A CAR!

“People Who Post on Things That I Hate". Wait…

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