Things That I Hate

People Who Treat Others of Opposing Political Views as Inbred Simpletons

Politics seems to be the one area of discussion where people will happily throw out all logic and reason. No more is this observable when a person of political group A starts talking about any and all opposing thoughts of political group B.

Look, we all have our opinions on things and yet, almost like magic, some commonly-held opinions have evolved into full fledged political issues. The fact is, someone is (for the most part) not an ass-backwards imbecile just because they oppose any and all forms of gun control. And, in that same light, one is not automatically a communist oppressor for wanting health care reform.

At the end of the day people tend to do what they feel is rational. The problem is, strong political views form as people motivate rational conclusions off of opinions. As such someone is not inherently being irrational or an idiot by being a fan of, or disagreeing with, the present president.

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