Things That I Hate

Little Teenage Girls Who Wear Tank Tops over Long-Sleeved Shirts

I was just surfing through channels and happened upon the show iCarly. One of the girls was wearing a purple striped shirt with a neon pink, green, and orange zebra pattern tank top over it. The shirts don’t match in any way. It made me wonder how the costume designer got the idea that that is what teenage girls should wear, because I’ve never seen anyone wearing such an outfit until this show.


  1. The combination isn’t inappropriate, and clothes don’t have to match each other to be deemed wearable. I do that on occasion with various colored and styled shirts, and I’m in my 20s. I wear it because I like it. And the wardrobe designer probably thought it would be interesting thing to have the girl wear.

    • by Um no
    • 9 March 2011, 7:16 AM

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