Things That I Hate

People Who Are Pro-Life and Who Judge Me Negatively

Okay. I get it. You think everyone should have a chance at life. That’s fine. I’m not one to doubt your opinion. But what I’ve seen from most pro-life people—not all, but most—is that they are the type to shove their opinion down your throat.

“Oh my God, you actually think it’s okay for someone to kill someone without even giving them a chance at life? You’re so heartless. That’s terrible. What if your mom got an abortion?”

Then I wouldn’t have to listen to this idiotic conversation. I think women should get to choose if they want to have an abortion. I don’t think every pregnancy should be ended but if that’s what you choose to do then there shouldn’t be a problem. Not to mention, I didn’t say I was ‘pro-killing babies’. I said pro-choice. Leave me alone.

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