Things That I Hate

My Sister

My sister treats me horribly and calls me names, pushes me around, and left a huge gash on my neck. But when I call her a name, or my big brother and I make fun of her… “DON’T DO THAT!”

She never lets me do what I want to on our computer. I play World of Warcraft and Minecraft. She watches me play Minecraft, but when I want to play World of Warcraft… “PLAY MINECRAFT!”

When her boyfriend comes on Skype or she wants to do something on the computer… “GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW!”

She calls me a waste of skin and blood. I get depressed sometimes. When she’s 18, I’m calling Social Services for child abuse. She nearly broke a friend’s arm by pushing him down.

She says I get everything. Well, then I guess it doesn’t count when you got a phone before anyone else. Or a portable DVD player. Or a $300 MP3 player.

She acts like she’s everything. Like she’s the reason the sun shines and life exists. I hate her.

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