Things That I Hate

My Best Friend

My best friend drives me crazy! We both play the same sport, and people are always asking us who wins in a match. I let her answer, and she always says, “Well, she wins most if the time, but I win when it matters, in the tournaments.” I don’t contradict this, because it is true—but it’s only true because I know her temper and pride and I know that when I beat her in a competition, it will ruin our friendship, because she has to be better than me in everything! I let her win in tournaments just so that we can be friends.

The last time we ran together in PE, I was staying alongside her the entire time. She ran so hard that afterwards, she was dry retching in the bathroom. But she still beat me, and my score, according to her, “wasn’t that bad”.

We are choosing high schools to go to now. I’m not applying to private high schools, but she is, because I didn’t like them and she did. We both shadowed our schools on the same day and we both loved them. I listened to her go on and on about how amazing this school was, and then when I talk about my school, she just starts lecturing me on how the school I chose “isn’t safe” and how I’m “going to get hurt”. The school is perfectly safe and I’ll be fine. Even if she doesn’t get into the private high schools, she’s not considering the one I’m going to. But she is considering the other private high school that has high pregnancy rates, drug rates and more anorexic and bulimic kids and kids who self harm. And the problem is she doesn’t even know if she’s districted for the school. So she doesn’t even know if she can go there. She’s supposed to be my BFF and support me and be happy for me like I am to her, but truth is, I think it might be a good thing we are going to different schools next year.


  1. Total BS. If you’re better then beat her. Stop making excuses.

    • by Co-hater
    • 14 April 2011, 6:10 PM

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