Things That I Hate


I hate how this how system of things is set up. I hate that there are millions of people that are in pain or dying from the basic lack of food.

I hate that in a world of such technological marvel and scientific advancement, most of it goes towards or is hijacked by governments to use for killing people.

I hate that governments control every aspect of our lives and still manage to screw it up. I hate paying taxes for services that get sold out to private enterprise and then the new providers charge us for them again.

I hate that the people who make these decisions also make the laws that dictate their own pay rates. I hate politicians, but I hate people who don’t vote more. I hate that our freedom has been taken away from us. I hate how much time I spend at work away from my family and yet they still want more. I hate being a slave. I hate that many people don’t even realize that they are slaves.

I hate buying things that turn out to look and work nothing like their advertisements. I hate advertisements and their disrespect to humanity. I hate capitalism. I hate racism in any race,shape or form.

I hate this world because we all know it could be better.

I hate this world because it’s only going to get worse.

I hate that I believe this.

I hate movie stars who earn millions from us and whine about the Paparazzi. What? They want me to feel sorry for them? I hate that most people really don’t care about the “stars”, yet the media retards still force feed us this crap because any “real stories” might be commercially disadvantageous, much like the news networks.

I hate that we have lost this world to the greedy selfish pigs.

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