Things That I Hate

People in Elevators Who Only Go Up or Down Three Floors

I live on the twenty-second floor of my dorm, and I pretty much have to use the elevator. But Miss No-One-Else-Matters lives on the fourth or fifth floor and just needs to use the elevator. I can understand if you have back problems, or knee problems, or whatever, and I can even understand going up from the first floor… but down? You can’t walk down four flights of stairs? And now we have to wait as the elevator stops, the doors open, you get out, the doors stay open for another five seconds, close and then finally the elevator moves again. That may not seem like a lot of time, but when you’re almost late to class, it’s important time.

I also hate when people talk on the phone on the elevator like no one else is on there.

First, it’s rude to talk on the phone in the elevator. Second, stop talking like no one can hear you. It gets quite annoying after twenty floors.

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