Things That I Hate

Jhonen Vasguez

I am an avid supporter of original art styles in comic books and illustration in general. I enjoy Indie styles and unique things.

I can not, however, tolerate Jhonen Vasguez or his legions of obnoxious fangirls/boys. I can only hear someone shout “Squee!” one more time before I go on a hateful killing rampage of anyone in too much black mascara. He does not speak to your soul, he is not rich in wisdom and he doesn’t even draw very well. It’s like anime portrayed by a four-year-old that has seen too many sci-fi movies. The fan art I see for JtHM is terrible, and while Invader Zim is a cute show for kids, I don’t see how a mongoose eating someone’s brain or a soda called Poop is hilarious or witty or anything of the sort.

Oh, another note to his drooling fanbase: he hates you.

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