Things That I Hate

Salty Fries

I think fast food fries get a really bad rap. Okay, they are not that great when they are four hours old and soggy beyond belief, but they can be tasty when fresh. I have an affinity for Burger King fries, but there is one thing I detest: The downpours of salt on the fries. I see the workers pouring salt onto the fries rather than just salting them lightly. If you hold the fry up, you can see a million little granules of salt. Eating the fries becomes an exercise in desalting. At the bottom of the of the carton you can see clumps of salt held together by oil.

If someone likes to eat salt they can spend seventy-five cents and buy a large container for themselves. Restaurants should just put salt shakers at the tables or supply salt packets.

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