Things That I Hate

My Best Guy Friend

We got so close this summer. It was amazing. He said I was his number one best friend and I said the same. We texted everyday while I was on vacation. Then we got our schedules. I had the opposite teachers. I wanted to die, but we said we would still be best friends. He told me to switch to Spanish to be with him, so I did. We are now currently in the same class and we barely talk anymore. On the first day of school he wouldn’t talk to me and was being a total asshole. I texted him and he never replied. Two weeks go by, and he won’t text me and we barely talk at school. I miss him so much and I wish he’d realize how much he truly means to me. Every text, everything. Now he has two best girl friends and I’m so upset. I use to make him laugh, but now when I talk to him, I’m too nervous to mess up. We use to be so comfortable together. I miss him.

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