Things That I Hate

Teachers Who Cannot Teach Very Well

So, I have the worst geometry teacher ever… She just does the problems herself, never explains, just gives us the work, and when we get it wrong, she just gives us the answer instead of telling us what we did wrong and how to fix it. She skips steps, and she thinks we can actually work it out in our heads, but we can’t unless you tell us how to work it out step by step first. Her handwriting is completely horrible and not understandable. She’s one of those types of people who chooses favorites… When there is more than one possibility to work out a problem, she only explains one and just gives us the other formulas, but doesn’t go over it with us. She makes us copy notes and then she just takes it for more points, but doesn’t give it back to us to study. When we had a test, the test had nothing to do with what we had studied and what we took notes on… I don’t know how she got her job but she needs another before the whole class fails.

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