Things That I Hate

Back-Window Memorials

I’ll keep this short. I hate back-window memorials to dead people. I know that everyone has some dearly beloved, recently departed person. My great-grandmother Mimi was a special person in my life, as was my Uncle Tom, but the back glass of an SUV is not an appropriate place for me to honor them.

First, nobody behind the car will know who the person is. Sure, I guess it shows that the person driving is a caring person. Where does this type of “heart on the sleeve” thing end? Should I put my relatives’ names on my window, both Mimi and Uncle Tom, to show that I care more? Should I put the name of Pup-pup, my sister’s dog? Those killed by Pol Pot?

Also, what happens to their loving memory when you sell the car?

I don’t know if all parts of the country have these back-window memorials, but in California, we do. I hope everyone keeps healthy and alive, just for driving and visibility’s sake.

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