Things That I Hate

Gifted People

I don’t have a problem with the concept of gifted people. I think it’s fine if someone is ahead of their class, so they go to special classes a few times a week or get different work that challenges them. Everyone learns differently and I’m not upset about that. What I do hate is when those kids who are gifted think they’re so much better than you, and that just because you learn differently than them, you’re automatically stupid. And that the teachers all favour them and spoil them and dislike all the other kids. The last thing I don’t like is that gifted people seem to think that school smarts are the only way to be smart, and if you don’t so well in school, you will never succeed and you’re stupid. I realize that school teaches you a lot of important things like math and science and so on, but there are many types of smarts, there’s social smarts and business smarts and musical smarts and lots more. I honestly think social is the most important if your goal is to be happy in life. And usually, if you’re great at everything in school, that’s all you’re great at, because nobody is great at everything, so later in life, you will hit some difficult bumps. I’m not saying that every single gifted person is like this, of course, just some of them.

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