Things That I Hate

When People Try to Get Attention

I hate when for example, a really pretty girl will be like “oh my gosh, I’m so ugly!” just so you’ll start telling her how beautiful she is. Or when someone got a 99 on a test and then they’ll say “oh my gosh I’m so stupid” then you’ll ask what they got and they’ll say “a 99” and you’ll look at your 72 and feel even worse about it. Or when a person makes an amazing drawing and nobody notices so they say “oh, I’m a terrible artist” and then everyone will look at their art and be like “OMG, that’s so amazing!” and they’ll say “no it’s not!” and then they’ll just sit there listening to 6 people tell them how amazing their art is. We know you know that you’re beautiful, good at math, or a good artist or whatever, so stop showing off!

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