Things That I Hate

Taylor Swift

She’s a fake barbie who conservative mothers love. She’s boy obsessed, immature (always dragging out that Kanye card), and her face looks like a cake. Not to mention her lack of vocal talent or meaningful lyrics. She represents to America this innocent girl when she’s just a fake image whining about her many boyfriends. Yet she still gets more money than real musicians, like Rise Against or Anti-Flag. The media is impossible.

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  1. Oh, be quiet. She has lots of talent, more then you or me could ever acheive. Her songs are about boys, but if you haven’t noticed, many songs are. You act like you know her personally; I’m pretty sure you don’t.

    • by Sarah
    • 21 October 2011, 1:14 PM
  2. Why so many dislikes? All of the poster’s points are genuine. How can someone hate Justin Beiber but not also hate Taylor Swift?

    • by Brocky
    • 22 October 2011, 3:20 PM

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