Things That I Hate


People annoy me so much I want to cry. There’s nothing wrong with me; I have a lot of friends! It’s just all those people that haven’t realized what not to do in life. Like running into people, talking extremely loudly, and overall, being illiterate. When I’m at school I’ll be walking and somebody will be looking right at me but still run into me. Come on. They saw me. But they chose to slam into me. I hate when I hear some little girl screaming so everybody will hear her. Well, I don’t know how those people haven’t noticed they are an annoyance to society even though everybody walks away from them. I also hate those kids that I just naturally hate. You know, when you don’t know why you hate them, you just do? That’s a lot of people for me. How do I overcome this hatred for 98% of the human population? I hiss, scream, make the most unbelievable faces, and BUCK at everybody I hate. I. Hate. PEOPLE. BUCK-BUCK-BUCK-BACAWWWK!

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