Things That I Hate

When My Mom Yells At Me

It’s awful. If she would yell at me about just the issue, with reasonable statements and something to back it up, I’d be OK with it. But no, that’s not what happens. Not only does she yell at me, she also feels the need to bring up things that I’ve been doing wrong, or things I should be doing. She thinks she knows everything about the situation, but she doesn’t. Her reasons are the ones that she’s either deluded herself into believing or ones that she’s deduced from her limited view. Come on, at least let me explain myself—but no, I can’t. Her relentless shouts bombard me and cut deep, not allowing me any time to reason with her, much less even speak or even try to shield myself. What little moments of respite there are I’m left paralyzed, left to wallow in her anger. Mom, you once said that if I ever think that you’re being unfair, I should tell you, and that you’d listen to me.

You lied.

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