Things That I Hate

“That’s Not a Sport”

I hate it when people tell me dance isn’t a sport. Really? Jumping in hard-to-reach positions doesn’t require physical fitness? Exercising through body movements isn’t athletic? Then how come, at my school, you have to have a physical on file to participate? It’s even more annoying when people say that about cheerleading. Come on! So you’re saying that backflips, all sorts of jumps, and coordination aren’t the requirements that make cheerleading a sport? I’ve heard the same thing said a couple times about gymnastics. Gymnastics is probably the hardest, most dangerous sport there is! These things are all more of a sport than wearing baggy shorts and chasing after a stupid ball. They’re usually more tiring and require more flexibility, physical fitness, and strength than any other sport.

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  1. Dancing isn’t a sport. It’s more like a vigorous exercise. Just because something is physically demanding and requires practice doesn’t mean it is a sport (break dancing, yoga, speed walking).

    • by Reabob
    • 11 January 2012, 5:05 PM

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