Things That I Hate

People Who Call Michael Jackson a Pedophile

He was accused of child molestation, not proven guilty. If you looked into it at all, you’d notice that the kid he was accused of apparently molesting had a father with a failing dental practice, and he tried to sue Disneyland shortly before trying to get millions of dollars from MJ.

That’s another thing… I don’t know about you, but if someone molested my kid, money wouldn’t fix it. I’d want him in jail. But $10 million or so would fix everything for this guy. He shot himself a while later, and there’s a recording of the child admitting that MJ never touched him. And yet he’s permanently labeled as a pedophile and a creep, when he was completely the opposite. I’d like someone to accuse you of child molestation so you can go through what he went through, and live your life with people assuming things about you until the day you die and even after that.

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