Things That I Hate

Enormous, Painful, and Noticeable Zits

Everybody gets those small zits that go away in a couple of days. But if you’re like me, then you get those big sore zits that sit a foot deep in your skin and never go away. It’s nearly impossible to pop them because you cant even touch them without being in pain. And they are so wide and deep that you can point out the large mass on your face from 10 feet away. When you see the zit it resembles something as large as a fetus developing under your skin. You poke at it and attempt to pop it but it’s pretty much superglued deep within. It’s so disgusting knowing that a huge pocket of pus is stuck deep in your skin spreading bacteria and there is nothing you can do about it. No face wash helps it go away no matter how much you scrub the oozy beast. If you’re a girl, makeup doesn’t even cover it up. And if you currently have one of these zits, like I do, I wish you the best of luck to get it to go away. Only time will tell.

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