Things That I Hate

Lazy People That Get Everything Handed to Them

My sister in-law and her husband are the laziest people I know. They have four kids they don’t take care of, they refuse to get jobs, and use drugs everyday. I’ve recently lost my job and have been looking for a new one every day. My bills are so far behind, I have three kids to feed, and my wife is seven months pregnant. Since I haven’t had a whole lot of luck finding work, I tried for public assistance. They helped a little, for which I’m very grateful.

But what I hate is that two days later, my sister-in-law went to get assistance because she heard about it, and got three times as much money as we did and her rent paid. So now they get the government to pay for their drugs and food and rent and get to sit around and be lazy drug addicts that don’t take care of their kids right. Meanwhile, I get to bust my hump and struggle to keep my family’s head above water and try to do it the right way.

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