Things That I Hate

People Who Don’t Fess Up

Recently my family got a new cat, and at the same time, my step-siblings were visiting us. She was super friendly and playful, and we all played with her. After two days, however, she changed drastically and became fearful and twitchy around people, and would run away if someone came near her.

I know my step brother did something to her, accidentally or not. If we had known at the time, we could have given her some attention to make her better, but no. My brother’s the type of person who’ll do something but not say anything in fear of getting in trouble. I normally wouldn’t care if it was something like breaking a plate, but instead, he broke a living creature.

Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve made it so that another living being has to go through hell every day, constantly in fear of everything around it. All because you didn’t have the guts to admit something and deal with the consequences. Bravo, man. Great work.

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