Things That I Hate

How Some Religions Discourage Types of Music, Videos, Sexual Orientations and Physical Actions

Now, look. This topic is especially popular in Christianity and I’m not pointing fingers at any particular religion. But anyway, every time I ask a religious person of they like a band, like maybe Led Zeppelin, they give me this answer: No. My religion prevents me from listening to that foul excuse for music. This is the part that really pulls my strings. If religion is about following a path with freedom, then why can’t you choose what you want to do or see or hear? The answer I get on this is, Well, it’s not in God’s word. Well, what about God’s word, huh? What makes you think that because four sentences say something relative to your religion, it prevents you from having free will? I’d consider that a hypocritical God then. I know it sounds wrong to say that but if he can have free will to do as he pleases, then so should his creations. And yes, I realize that the farther I get into writing this, it does seem aimed at Christian faith. As said before, I’m not attempting to isolate any specific religion and I do apologize if you feel offended by anything I wrote here. Thank you for reading.

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