Things That I Hate


Isn’t it a little scary how our generation suddenly has an obsession with sparkly vampires? I mean, falling in love with a fictional character? Oh yeah, very mature, girls (and guys). It’s okay to have a liking for the book (though I still don’t know how it even got published), but I know some people who take it too far.

I have a friend who had such an obsession with Edward Cullen that she broke up with her boyfriend because she wanted someone who “looks like her Edward Cullen”. Believe me, it’s true. Isn’t that really unfair to the poor guy? They were together for two years and he loved her very much.

I have another friend who spent over $2000 on various Twilight products. She even missed her grandfather’s 85th birthday when she was queuing to get one if the first New Moon books. It’s just a book!

Meyer’s books are trash. They’re like written by a desperate teen who’s so lovesick that she just had to write some story about vampires. If I hear the words lion and lamb again, I’m gonna vomit.

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