Things That I Hate

Political Correctness

I absolutely despise political correctness. Only in America would such a disease spread. See, when people say politically correct, they usually mean, “be polite to black people”, or “don’t compliment a woman for how she looks”. At least that’s how it’s become in America. Political correctness is when you avoid being direct. It’s also when you are “politically correct” in other examples, like, say, if you were Russian, you shouldn’t be called a Communist, or asked about Communist Russia. Or if you came from Germany, it wouldn’t be politically correct to be called a Nazi. Or, if you came from China, you wouldn’t be asked what it’s like to be in an oppressive country. People, either be direct and save us the hatred, or get your politics straight. I’m not going to avoid saying that a beautiful woman is beautiful, nor am I going to change when a black person appears. A person is a person, black or not, male or female. I’m allowed to speak my mind, unless… America became oppressive?

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