Things That I Hate

People Who Choose to Display Their Facebook Quiz Results

Nobody cares how sexy some one-question internet quiz says you are. Generally the people who feel the need to display that they are “98% sexy” are the very people that need such ludicrous proof, since they are, in fact, not sexy.

Nobody cares which character from The Hangover you are. Being Allen is most certainly not an accomplishment.

Nobody cares that your true love’s name begins with an “L”. Wow, in real life your girlfriend’s name is Lauren? No way! Let’s be serious, we all know that you took that quiz over and over until it finally came up with the correct result so you could post it for everyone to see and prove that you two are just SOOOO incredibly perfect for one another.

If you honestly feel the need to post these, then you are just trying to prove something to everyone else.

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