Things That I Hate

Rereading Books and Crying

I hate it when someone rereads a book they’ve already read. They already know what’s going to happen! Then when I ask why they do it, they say “Oh, because it’s the best and I just love to surprise myself.” I also hate when people cry over dumb things in a book. My friend cries when she reads New Moon (which I hate) again, and when Edward leaves Bella. So we see her crying in class. Weirdo!


  1. Are you in freaking 6th grade? Everything about your post screams ignorant juvenile. You really can't understand why a person would want to relive an experience that they've enjoyed? Following your line of reasoning you should only fall in love ONCE in your life even if the guy wasn't right for you, have sex ONCE ever in your life, and listen to a song ONLY ONCE EVER since after all, these are all experiences that if you've done it once, then you're done because "you already know what's going to happen!"

    • by Regina
    • 7 June 2010, 1:31 AM
  2. That’s like saying someone shouldn’t visit a relative’s grave since they went to the funeral.

    I absolutely love re-reading books. I’ve read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone more times than I can count. Why? There’s something sort of magic about turning pages you’ve turned years before and experiencing the story you’d forgotten how much you love.

    While I personally would never cry over the Twilight series, at least your friend has guts enough to admit that scene pulled emotion from her.

    • by Riot-Pilot
    • 1 September 2010, 1:26 PM

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